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Management Stichting Fascia Integratie Therapie

Ernst van der Wijk

Alexander Kudus 

Teachers and staff


Ernst van der Wijk  

Ernst van der Wijk has worked over 25 years in chronic pain rehabilitation at the Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam. His main passion is to find more effective ways to treat people with chronic pain. Being intrigued by the new discoveries in the myofascial field, he developed, together with Alexander Kudus, the Fascia Integration Therapy (F.I.T.) concept. Since 2014 they have trained over 350 physiotherapists in the Netherlands. In 2017 Rumania F.I.T. was founded and this year they will take this concept to Italy. In collaboration with the Reumatology Department Ernst has developed a special treatment program for patients with hypermobility.


Alexander Kudus

Alexander Kudus has been working for over 25 years as a physiotherapist in his privat practice in the centre of Amsterdam. His interest in myofascia started in 1995 when he followed a triggerpoint course in Zurich. In the following years he attended multiple international workshops. As a musculoskeletal sonographer and doing surface electromyography he saw that the muscles are interconnected. This further fueled his passion for fascia. He is specialised in fasciatraining for (top) athletes, At present Alexander is a clinical epidemiology trainee.


Diewertje Ernst


Frederique Arts

Other Teachers

Prof. dr. P. Huijing  

Drs. J. Alessi   

Mariella Harmelink

Miranda Hermans - de Nies 

Miranda Tabak

Monique Goossens

Maaike Soetermans

Paul Gagne   

Myofascial force transmission

Introduction fascia

Masterclass Fascia and lymph

Masterclass Fascia and lymph

Fascia rolling

Masterclass Head / Neck /Jaw

Fascia and nutrition

Training and posturology         

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